6 Thousand Visitors Flood Bandung Zoo

6 Thousand Visitors Flood Bandung Zoo

The second day of Lebaran 2016, Thursday (7/7) Bandung Zoo still one alternative tourism visited by the public. About 16 thousand visitors crowded zoo located in Jalan Taman Sari Bandung them.

Public Relations Bandung Zoo Sudaryo said tourist arrivals increased compared one Lebaran day, Wednesday (6/7) yesterday. Increasingly afternoon, visitors increased.

“Until the counter was closed there were 16 thousand more little coming to the zoo,” said Sudaryo Republika.co.id when met at Bandung Zoo on Thursday.

Sudaryo said the increase in tourists this time is very significant compared to the first day of Eid. On Wednesday, the number of tourist that comes only reached 3,300 people.

But according to him, this amount is still not peak tourist who came to the zoo. Based on last year’s data, the peak Fitri holiday visitor traffic reached 35 thousand. The maximum number that occurred in the H + 2 Lebaran.

“Indeed, the peak is usually the third day. Tomorrow I think it can get away with more. In the last year to 35 thousand from all over West Java,” he said.

For this Eid holiday, the admission price rose to Rp 5,000 from the usual Rp 20 thousand. Plus dues month PMI funds amounting to Rp 2,000. “As many as 25 thousand tickets plus two thousand a month Lebaran pmi funds. So 27 thousand tickets,” he said.

This price is valid until 15 July. Later will come back sold at the normal price.

Although previously been exposed to the case due to the elephants that died, but did not reduce the interest of visitors to come. “We’ve been doing repairs. The zoo is safe,” he said.

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