Accident Death Cause 6 People Killed Allegedly Due Brakes Bus

Accident Death Cause 6 People Killed Allegedly Due Brakes Bus

Road accidents in Colonel Masturi KM 4 Sub Cipageran District of North Cimahi Cimahi swallow six fatalities. Suspected bus Parahyangan police numbered T 7035 DL suffered brake failure.

“The victim died there six people, one bus driver, one passenger Kijang Capsule, one passenger Katana, three motorcyclists, while the other victim suffered serious injuries and minor injuries. All the victims were taken to hospital Cibabat Cimahi and has received treatment from the medical team, “said Head of the Traffic Police AKP Silfia Sukmarosa Cimahi, when contacted last night.

Silfia said the bus was carrying the group of about 50 people from Falkirk who want a vacation to Curug Cimahi Parongpong. After completion of the holidays, the group was about to return home, but on the fateful trip to Padalarang bus suffered brake failure.

He said that when going back towards the motorway Padalarang, bus experienced brake failure. Then the bus crashed into the barrier housing The Orchard and tire repair shop on site

“Then the bus being pushed and then hit the deer capsule that was stopped, then rammed Katana then overturned and crashed into two vehicles coming from the direction toward Cisarua Cimahi,” he told the Tribune.

He said each of the passengers of two cars namely Suzuki Katana police numbered 1543 E KY and Kijang Capsule police number B 7148 D died at the scene. “As well as the three riders of each driver and one passenger died on the spot, to the identity of the victim is still our process,” he said.

Silfia also add all the victims died as well as heavy and light injuries have been taken to hospital Cibabat Cimahi. “All of the victims had been taken RS Cibabat and the wounded have been discharged, while the death toll is in the process of identification,” he said

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