Ahok Blunder If Advancement Via Independent

Ahok Blunder If Advancement Via Independent

A political observer from the University Jayabaya, Igor Aerospace, said the incumbent candidate Basuki Purnama Tjahaja alias Ahok would blunder if developed through independent channels. Because, Ahok assessed not consistent and committed leader with his words.

According to him, the three political parties to support this Ahok can carry it forward through the prospective incumbent party lines no longer independent as didengungkannya. Therefore, Ahok got a quota of 24 seats on the City Council.
“The path of political parties will be easier because Ahok can avoid factual verification as an independent path, but it could also be a blunder for Ahok and Friends Ahok if you choose the path of political parties. Because of violating the commitment and idealism beginning,” said Igor to INILAHCOM Wednesday (6 / 7/2016).

Director of Surveys & Polling Indonesia (SPIN), said Jakarta resident who has been collecting ID cards to provide support could be disappointed with Ahok and Friends Ahok, because their intention originally was to give support to Ahok to contribute in an independent path and not the party.

“Indeed, Ahok will be easier to work if re-elected as Governor of Jakarta in 2017 through the political parties. Because no party support in Parliament, but this blunder Ahok consistency,” he explained.

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