Asprov PSSI East Java: Moga There PON Football Additional Quota

Asprov PSSI East Java: Moga There PON Football Additional Quota

Related news quota increase sport of football in the upcoming PON Jabar September 2016, Bambang Pramukantoro, Chairman Asprov PSSI East Java, said today it was still monitoring the possibility of escape of the football team PON Java.

“We do not want the influx of East Java, if passed, cause divisions in the KONI throughout Indonesia. For that, we see further development,” he explained.

He hopes that if Java could successfully escape, and indeed there is an additional quota, either two or four teams will qualify, he did not know exactly. Until now, Asprov PSSI East Java continues to communicate with the KONI East Java.

“This is related to self-esteem. We also continue to make communication with the Executive Board (PB) PON related to it. We do not know how to follow it,” he said.

However, if Java qualify, do not know yet is also related to the future coach. For him, all the coaches in East Java has a good potential to refine Java PON soccer teams, including football coach long PON Java, namely Hanafing.

“If PON football successfully passed the quota increase, yes we will find refreshment new aura for something to cheer team PON football. Not that Hanafing not perform, but there is still plenty accomplishments and other goo

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