Called Suddenly, 54 Teachers Designated So Principals

Called Suddenly, 54 Teachers Designated So Principals

Promotions are often tinged unpleasant issues, namely extortion by-position, Faida Jember regent embarrassed. Do not want a bad tradition was maintained, he made a breakthrough to appoint heads of primary schools (SD) in its territory.

Hundreds of candidates was suddenly summoned to the gazebo regents. They called the sudden, even the invited participants must be dialed one by one. Such as receiving a shock, from the 223 who were invited, 54 were appointed by the regents to become head of the public school.

Regent Faida deliberately announced the appointment of primary school principals in a different way. Officials at the relevant office are guaranteed not know the names of candidates for the principal that he appointed. Moreover, prospective school heads concerned. Thereby recognized the regent to break the chain of extortion promotion.

“I do not want Mr. Mrs. pay a penny for SK (decree principal, Red). If Mr. Mom was still paid to the person, SK I pull back, “the regent said when delivering a briefing to potential principals.

Regent said, in fact there are 56 schools that do not have a definitive head. Thus, a school principal must take care of the two schools. For the effectiveness of the performance, he chose 54 candidates are judged competent principals.

Meanwhile, two other schools that are in remote areas in the district Silo he did not specify, but deliberately “sale” to those who want to. “Especially two remote schools, accidentally I offer and apparently no one wants,” he said proudly.

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