Convey Program, Regents Sahur and Go Together clerk until Juru Air Cleanliness

Convey Program, Regents Sahur and Go Together clerk until Juru Air Cleanliness

Last day of work before the leave together Lebaran, Banyuwangi regent Abdullah Azwar Anas met the janitor, traders, agricultural extension, and the extension of irrigation (water interpreter agriculture). They met at a different place from dawn until iftar, Friday (1/7).

At dawn, Anas meet once sahur together with market sellers Blambangan. Anas said that he will hold an open dialogue with market traders after Lebaran to capture the aspirations related to the market development plan.

“The development of this market is different, there should be a special approach to the market traders. For example, when the beginning of recorded number of merchant 100, but when the market is completed it turns out the number of merchants already add 150. This is also a problem, “he said.

To that, he added, this dialogue was held also to find solutions together on a classic problem that usually arise during the construction of a market. “At least three times I would have a direct dialogue with the traders before market development begins. Until we can finally meeting point how this market will stand up and operating, “said Anas.

Then Anas also met the janitor who are mostly temporary employees. Anas expressed gratitude for the dedication of the janitor. “The face of Banyuwangi first look of the work the Father / Mother of all,” said Anas.

Anas then break the fast with about 500 interpreters agricultural water, agricultural extension, and Water User Farmer Association (HIPPA) in Weirs Setail Techniques in Sub tiles.

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