Distribute Counterfeit Money, 125 Years Old Grandfather Arrested

Distribute Counterfeit Money, 125 Years Old Grandfather Arrested

Suspected counterfeit money circulated a 125-year-old man was arrested Criminal Investigation Unit (Satreskrim) Polrestabes Semarang. Of identity contained in the ID card, the suspect identified as Grandmother Ariyo Tedjo Warno, born 1891, a resident from the village of Tambak Sawah, Sub Waru, Sidoarjo.

Police confiscated at least 600 pieces of counterfeit money consists of currency Euro and the Dollar or Rp 500 billion, and one unit of Toyota Avanza car type is used as a means of suspects.

Previously, officers received preliminary information from the public in detecting counterfeit currency transactions (upal) in the border region of Central Java and East Java. Until then, the officers arrested the suspect at Jalan Soekarno Hatta grandparent or rather near petrol stations Sawah Besar Semarang, on Thursday (30/6) then.

Invisible Criminal Polrestabes Semarang, Chief Djoko Julianto menngungkapkan, the mode of the accused by doubling the money. In practice, the wayward dollars exchanged 100 million, before then doubled to 10 billion.

IMG_20160704_130505Polisi also find various objects which the suspect allegedly used to perform the ritual. To find and compare the authenticity of the money, the City Police of the Semarang to coordinate with team Labfor Police Headquarters.

“We are coordinating with Labfor Police Headquarters. Items such as keris also is found, to do the same ritual. The model is doubled, after the can he (the suspect) communication with the victim. One errant dollar exchanged for 100 million rupiah. Then doubled to 10 billion, “said Djoko in Mapolrestabes Semarang, Sunday (3/7).

In addition to capturing grandparents, the police also arrested two other players who allegedly played a role. Both were respectively named Joni (30) resident from Regency Way Kanan, Lampung and Suyitno (61) residents from Gunung Anyar, Surabaya.

Meanwhile, the suspect confessed to the grandparent of such practices for more than two years. Fake money, scheduled to be delivered to someone named Lady henceforth be exchanged for cash rupiah.

“My mother’s house is planned to direct me kasihkan, she (Mother) said they would exchange it into rupiah. I promised one week complete. Mother itself will nukar at the Bank, he has his own bank, “said Grandmother.

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