General Chairman of Kadin: Some Investors Ratings Bom Solo

General Chairman of Kadin: Some Investors Ratings Bom Solo

Suicide bombing that occurred in Solo, Central Java surprised many. The tragic events of the day before Lebaran, it is feared could disrupt the entry of investors.

Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) Indonesia, Rosan P Roeslani view, terror bombings Solo has not been a major influence on socio-economic activities of the community.

“The Solo I think our society is held back from the bomb incident that occurred. Recovery fast,” Rosan said in Jakarta, Thursday (07/07/2016).

On the employers’ side, he said, the incident was also not bad implications because of the industry’s performance was declining during Ramadan and Eid.

Rosan asserted, the impact was very small terror for businesses. “There was in the month of fasting, fitting employers also slow down, when Lebaran yes. The impact was minimal as a whole. I see this bomb was meaningless,” he said.

But admittedly, some investors had asks about the bombing which occurred again in Indonesia. Rosan also gave facts on the ground that it might not make the industry’s performance slumped.

“Had investors from outside Nanya. We already gave the explanation tha

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