Getting to know Betawi batik in Jakarta’s Terogong

Getting to know Betawi batik in Jakarta’s Terogong

It might be less popular than its fellow Javanese batik, but Betawi batik is alive and thriving.

As reported by, those wanting to know more about it may want to visit Terogong Betawi Batik Village in Jl. Terogong III, West Cilandak, South Jakarta.

The village is decorated with ornaments, from the welcoming board bearing the village’s name, Betawi’s icons as murals on the residents’ houses, to signs that say, “If you live in Betawi, wear Betawi batik”.

The area was once known as one of the batik centers in Jakarta, whose residents made batik for a living. Now, its current residents are trying to revive the craft.

Aryani Sitio is one of the batik entrepreneurs in Terogong. With a love for batik and along with her siblings, Aryani learned the making of hand-drawn and printed batik. In the yard of their home, they have been making batik since August 2012 under the name Sanggar Batik Terogong.

From what used to be something they did after work, the business has flourished and they employ dozens of workers who come from the area. Thirty printed and one hand-drawn batik is produced daily.

Terogong batik has the trademark of bright colors, such as red, yellow and blue, and motifs that include ondel-ondel (Betawi effigies), the National Monument and mengkudu (Morinda citrifolia) plant. They are priced starting from Rp 125,000 (US$8.30). (wng)

source: thejakartapost

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