Going home was left to Madura, Two Houses in Surabaya Burned

Going home was left to Madura, Two Houses in Surabaya Burned

Left by going home occupants, two houses Tanjungsari Jalan Surabaya District of Asem Rowo which also serve as the store burned down. The fire allegedly caused by short circuit. Although there were no casualties, the loss is estimated at hundreds of millions of rupiah.

It happened diceriatakan Candra Oeratmangun, Chief of PMK Surabaya, that the citizens of the District Tanjungsari Jalan Asem Rowo Thursday afternoon (7/7) were struck with the burning of two houses, which at one time used the wood shop, adjoining.

“At the beginning, hotspots are known from home Saneri (35) Road Tanjungsari number 12. As a result of fairly strong winds, the fire enlarged and spread to homes and shops owned by the Bardi (40) the right side,” he explained.

Residents who knew, worked together to extinguish the fire with makeshift tools, but the wind made the fire grew.

7 fire engines were deployed Surabaya City Government, can only do a blackout only with a time of 30 minutes. But the fire was devouring selurus the house and its contents, which in living homecoming owners to Madura.

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