Had Rare, travelers filling stations Assault

Had Rare, travelers filling stations Assault

Having had experienced shortages on Sunday (3/7) until Monday (4/7), the supply of fuel oil (BBM) in the district of Brebes finally come.

Quoted from Radar Tegal, Jawa Pos Group, on Tuesday (5/7) residents and travelers who frantically abuzz stormed a gas station in northern coastal road Brebes.

In addition at the pump Klampok Wanasari, buyers queue fuel is also observed at the pump Karangsari Bulakamba.

Travelers willing to queue to get petrol which had previously been critical. Some bought using the conductor as supplies en route. Long queues nonstop from noon until late afternoon.

“My car is already E, thin really was. Rather than later run out of mending all bought for lunch, the journey is still far jams still occur,” said Idris, travelers vehicle users of private cars that were heading Kudus, Central Java.

Not only travelers, local residents are also involved in the queues at the pump. Generally they come with a jerry can.

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