Jokowi greeting Ledoksari Residents of Sleman and Give Books Write

Jokowi greeting Ledoksari Residents of Sleman and Give Books Write

President Joko Widodo (Jokwoi) and Lady Iriani Jokowi, the entourage arrived in the hamlet Ledoksari, Bokoharjo, Prambanan, Sleman, approximately 09.00 pm with an escort of officers Paspamres.

Jokowi immediately greeted people by shaking hands. Elated residents broke at the sight that awaited presence Jokowi. The hospitality former mayor of Solo that makes people happy, because it has been waiting since this morning.

Jokowi also provide notebooks to children in the region. Their looks quite cheerful with notebooks given by the number one in the country. He also had time to share a few envelopes to parents who looks weak.

“Seneng can write five books, this could be to write subjects in school,” said Agus, boys sixth grade elementary school Muhammadiyah, Prambanan, Saturday (07/09/2016).

The presence of Jokowi greeted by Head of Prambanan, Abu Bakr, and Lurah Bokoharjo, Dodi Heriyanto. In addition, the police chief Brig DIY Prasta Wahyu Hidayat and Korem 072 / Pamungkas, Brigadier General Stephen Tri Mulyono.

“There are 750 food packages were distributed, to the poor in Sub Bokoharjo. There are all representatives of each pedukukan who receive groceries,” said Dodi.

After the greetings, Jokowi entourage toward the Great House of Yogyakarta to organize an open house with the community, community leaders, to officials in Yogyakarta.

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