Lebaran holiday, El Loco Invite Families to Malaysia

Lebaran holiday, El Loco Invite Families to Malaysia

Arema Cronus bomber death Cristian ‘El Loco’ Gonzales has chosen a holiday destination to fill the Eid holiday for 5 days given coach Arema Cronus, milomir šešlija. El Loco is planning to bring his family for a vacation to Malaysia.

“Yes Eid holiday. If there is a ticket to Malaysia on vacation with the family,” he said on Monday (07/04/2016).

But if the naturalized players did not get the best airfares to Malaysia, he has prepared several vacation options. Among them visit various tourist attractions in Malang Raya.

“If there is no air tickets to Malaysia, we are in Malang Eid holiday with relatives here,” he added.

Despite the holiday for five days starting from Monday, July 4 until Friday, July 8, the players Arema Cronus remain encouraged to keep conditions during the Eid holiday. “Maintain the conditions b

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