Nine boxers Jabar Will Fly to South Korea for Training Camp

Nine boxers Jabar Will Fly to South Korea for Training Camp

As many as nine out of 16 athletes boxing training area (Pelatda) West Java, which will compete at the National Sports Week (PON) XIX, Sunday (07/10/2016), will fly to South Korea for a training camp for two months.

“The nine athletes, ie 2 and 7 female athlete male athlete,” said Fredy Haurisa, boxing coach Pelatda Jabar, after coaching in the field of athletic GOR Pajajaran, Pajajaran Street, Bandung.

According to Fredy, although other sports still on holiday boxing team have been training, what else would fly to Korea. Said Fredy practice to prepare athletes TC to Korea.

“In addition to practicing Korean boxing team will also test match with Korean athletes. There we will move visited the gym from city to city for sparing fartner with Korean athletes,” he said.

Fredy mention the athletes who will be dispatched to Korea, for the women athletes, Erni Amalia class 51, Nilu Gede Wahyu Dewi Yuni grade 57. As for male athlete, namely Ferdy Kase class 49, class 52 Alberto Alfons, Dadan Amanda 56, gresti Alfons class 60, Fanser Patinama class 64, class 69 Kusdion, Renfri B grade 91. As for the coach who will accompany him, the coach of Korea Cheon In Hoo, and local coach Fredry Haurissa.

“The team that TC Returning back here around 9 or 10 September, and direct practice in Sukabumi, specifically in boxing Venue PON XIX,” said Fredy.
While the athletes were not dispatched to Korea, said Fredy, keep training here (GOR Pajajaran), and will be joined to practice again in Sukabumi.

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