Parking Wild mushrooming, stilt Rates Rp 5 thousand

Parking Wild mushrooming, stilt Rates Rp 5 thousand

Many blessings ahead of Eid Eid proved widely used by certain elements to make a profit without fundamental.

As well as clearing illegal parking in the vacant area, around the area Cihideung, Tasikmalaya, West Java (Jabar). Weather offices around the empty lot used as a parking lot. like in Jalan Pemuda filled four-wheeled vehicles whose owners want to shop for Road HZ Mustafa.

Also at Jalan Pataruman some land owned by citizens used as a parking lot, even on the road median filled two or four wheels vehicles.

Residents were not able to dodge and accept the situation, because there is no choice. “Yes of the more difficult to find a parking space, we are willing to pay Rp 5 thousand for parking a motor,” said Ahmad Saefudin (42) one of the visitors reported by Radar Tasikmalaya (Jawa Pos Group), Monday (4/7).

Despite relatively nuanced parking rates of bribery (extortion) but Ahmad Saefudin did not make the expensive tariff.

According to him, the parking attendants are trying to make a profit to meet the needs of the feast. “Yes, we understand it, once a year. Just do every single day, “he explained.

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