Pertamina Affirms Stock fuel in Bandung Safe Travel Line

Pertamina Affirms Stock fuel in Bandung Safe Travel Line

Area Manager Communications & Relations West Java PT Pertamina, Yudy Nugraha said, for areas in the tourist area of Lembang and Ciwidey confirmed safe.

“People do not have to worry about running out of fuel at the pump for delivery routinely done at night before a jam occurs,” said Judy when contacted on Friday (07/08/2016).

He said that it prioritize the delivery of fuel to a gas station at midnight or dawn when traffic congestion has not yet occurred. J

He said the three stations in Lembang and a number of other retail outlets in Ciwidey full when this condition. Of the 30,000 capacity of the tank at the pump, in a day Pertamina sent a total of 16,000 liters of fuel both types of Premium, Pertaline and Pertamax.

“The capacity of the tank is filled full gas station when it reached 30,000 liters. But the average tourist track as in Ciwidey the way small and hilly so we use the car tank size of 16,000 liters,” he said.

He said he claimed to have learned from past experience, therefore Pertamina has prepared better anticipation for the supply of fuel.

In addition to ensuring the availability of stock, Pertamina has also prepared a variety of measures to ensure the supply of fuel in the path of travel and the time of the reverse flow remains smooth with the car set up a reserve tank stationed in around tourist areas and lines jammed.

“Pertamina is preparing a tank car as a buffer stock in around tourist areas and pathways jammed in anticipation of a surge in demand. But yet we spend it because until now the stock of fuel is still safe,” he said.

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