Post-Eid in Surabaya Gubeng Station Rises

Post-Eid in Surabaya Gubeng Station Rises

H + 2 Eid, backflow in Surabaya Gubeng station began to be felt. It is seen from the number of travelers is predicted to increase to the super special conditions or translucent 40 thousand passengers per day.

Previously, the reverse flow predictions begin to be felt on the second day of Eid yesterday. However it was not proven because the total of travelers still quite a bit or just the number 32 thousand per day. Due to the school holiday period that is long enough to be able to withstand the travelers stay longer at home.

“The reverse flow even predicted to continue until July 18 or H + 11. This means that no additional transport widths for a day to transport back to their hometown of travelers. Whereas Lebaran transport only given until July 17 to come, “said Suprapto, manager of Public Relations of PT KAI Daops VIII, Friday (8/7).

So the Daops VIII, said Suprapto will submit additional 6 series of trains to anticipate the surge of passengers.

Meanwhile, until the day of the second day yesterday a total of 52 passenger stations under Daops VIII have reached 422 038 passengers up slightly from last year which reached 420 960, while yesterday the number of passengers reached 33 063. Predicted backflow place on 10 and 17 July.

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