Post Lebaran, Fluent Suramadu

Post Lebaran, Fluent Suramadu

There is no resting place or a rest area along the access bridge Surabaya-Madura (Suramadu), a number of travelers who ride two-wheeled teduhnya utilizing billboards along the longest.

“Not bad, Mas, billboards along the longest could be our place to rest,” said Sugianto, residents Gresik rest after traveling from Madura, Friday (08/07/2016).

In the same place, Wantok, one of the travelers from Bangkalan said, to find a resting place along the longest access is not so difficult. Besides the many billboards for shelter, building the street vendors (PKL) mushroomed. Plus today is the moment of Lebaran and leave together.

“In addition to shelter, we also enjoy the view of the longest bridge in Indonesia,” he said.

Just to note, H + 3 1437 Eid this time, yet there appears to be a surge in the volume of vehicles travelers. Traffic flow in the longest running smoothly.

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