Prepare DKK Ambulance To post Homecoming

Prepare DKK Ambulance To post Homecoming

Solo City Health Department ensure its readiness to support the health post for current and forth behind the Lebaran 2016. There are at least 17 units ambulance from the health centers and the parent property of DKK 1, plus 13 from regional and private hospitals in Solo.

Head of Public Health DKK Solo, Duo Martyastuti said not only the ambulance only prepared but also personnel health workers and medicines were also prepared.

“We make sure all ambulances ready dioperasiomalkan in the event of an emergency,” he said in Solo, Central Java.

Solo City Health Department is also alerting health posts in the rest area locations along the path of the travelers in the city of Solo. Some oosko Healthcare was founded at the intersection joglo rest area, rest area Adisucipto. Terminal Tirtonadi, Kerten State Parks, Street Bhayangkara also Jurug park.

“Every post standby 24 hours and is divided into 3 shif and four medical personnel,” he continued.

Meanwhile Solo police chief, Pol Ahmad Lutfi insists for securing Lebaran, Solo Police will deploy about 860 personnel, including 100 support personnel of Brimob Solo.

This security will last for 16 days, from June 30 to July 15, 2016 in a series of operations in 2016. Later Ramadhania temple personnel will be divided into seven security posts (Post Pam) and one of the postal service (Post Yan) at some point in the city of Solo which is one of the city crossing dense.

“Pesonil security will be located at some point crime-prone and prone to congestion,” said Police Chief Solo.

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