Residents Discover Baby Headless corpse and Hand

Residents Discover Baby Headless corpse and Hand

Villagers Warukawung, Depok subdistrict, Cirebon Regency digegerkan invention pathetic figure of the baby’s body. The baby’s condition without heads and hands. The body was found around paddy fields not far from the local village river, Friday (1/7).

When found, the bodies of these poor babies in the prone position. Which ironically, some parts of the body on the infant seems torn as former devoured by wild beasts.

The baby allegedly dumped by irresponsible parents after the newborn due to illegitimate. Until now, the Police Cirebon Regency and Depok Police are still searching for the parents of the dead baby.

Data collected yan Radar Cirebon (Jawa Pos Group), approximately at 16,000 pm, one of the local villagers who want to defecate in the river. Residents saw a suspicious object.

Out of curiosity, people approached him and found the baby’s body in very poor conditions. The findings was then reporting to the local village officials and then forwarded to the police.

Depok Police officers and Identification Unit Satreskrim Cikab Police who came to the scene immediately conduct crime scene. In addition, police also memintai testimony of residents and village officials about the discovery of the dead baby.

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