Shops Sleman Close Until Monday next week

Shops Sleman Close Until Monday next week

Hundreds of shopping district in Sleman overall cap on the Idul Fitri holiday in 2016, on Wednesday (06/07/2016). Most stores put up new information that will be open again on Monday (7/11/2016) next week. watchlist, shopping and culinary area in Sleman usual crowded by the hundreds are Jalan Kaliurang, Street Theater, Jalan Seturan and Gejayan Street. On the day of Eid in 2016 chose to shut entirely. As a result a number of segments of the path was deserted when in a typical day shopping and culinary area has become one of the main centers of activity by contributing to congestion.

Most of the shops in front of the door paste the information related to the holiday is not open. A phone kiosks in Gejayan write off since Wednesday (06/07/2016) to Saturday (07/09/2016). But many stores, especially clothing store fixtures and the like selecting a new open on Monday (7/11/2016) next week.

Meanwhile the condition of traffic at 09.00 pm was deserted look of the intersection of four Ringroad Kentungan, Simpang Empat Simpang Condongcatur up to three Maguwoharjo. Akantetapi at around 12:00 pm traffic had started well but did not seem crowded jam.
Sleman Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner stated Yuliyanto as directed Police Chief DIY, that the number of residence as well as kiosk owners who left homecoming patrols by officers in every police station.
“Security in the empty house had been established by patrolling of open and closed,” he explained, Wednesday (07/06/2016).

Police Chief Brigadier General DIY Prasta Wahyu Hidayat asserted, the instruction has been submitted to the staff to secure any abandoned house back and forth from being a target of crime such as theft.

“It was through the patrol members visited directly to any point,” he said.

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