Stock Blood Group A at PMI Bandung City Thinned

Stock Blood Group A at PMI Bandung City Thinned

Stock blood group A and AB, especially blood type Packed Red cells (PRC) in the Red Cross Indonesia Bandung City increasingly depleted.

There are four blood types of blood type A, B, O and AB, which is the type of PRC blood or red blood cells that are intended for surgery, or people with low blood or HB accidents.

Trombocyt concentrate (TC) blood type or concentrated thrombocyte cells are useful for patients with deman bleeding and cancer patients. Then fresh blood type frozen plasma (FFP) for liver cirrhosis or hepatitis patients, and blood type antihermofili factor (AHF) for patients with hemophilia or low blood clotting.

“The blood type designation is different, what is needed now is commonly said empty is PRC,” said Head of Services and Development of Blood Bank, PMI Bandung, Nurjanah contacted, Saturday (2/5/2018).

Based on the amount of blood stock available today, for the total blood type PRC there are total of 1.765 pumpkins consisting of class A of 88 blood pumpkin, blood type B as many as 744, blood type O as much as 898 squash, and AB blood group of 35 pumpkins.

PMI Bandung city not only serve the hospital in the city of Bandung alone, but also serve blood demand in various regions in West Java such as, Kuningan, Banjar, Ciamis, Garut, and Sukabumi.

“If they empty the request to us as well, so if in the fasting month we try a stable blood stock to serve patients in West Java,” he explained.

In an effort to stabilize blood stocks during Ramadhan especially during this Idul Fitri holiday, PMI appealed to the public to donate their blood. In fact, the PMI Bandung city to pick up the ball came directly to the community who want to donate blood.

“As there are several mosques after donors donated blood donors, for example in the Salman mosque, where the coordinator prepared his candidate.Until now from the beginning of fasting until now there are already 20 mosques we have visited.If Church and Vihara, there are five places usually Saturday -the week they donate their blood, “he explained.


source: kompas

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