Toll Road Brebes Loss, Line Current Gentong

Toll Road Brebes Loss, Line Current Gentong

Although Eid is over two days, but the information about the homecoming never ending. There are a variety of news about the homecoming year.

In addition to the number of travelers stuck at the toll booth or Brexit Brebes Exit East, there are also stories about the smooth flow forth in the path of other woods.

As for line Weigh Bridges (JT) Gentong, District Duchy, Tasikmalaya, West Java (Jabar) the number of travelers from the H-7 to H-1 had penunurunan. This was allegedly due to the operation of two new toll lanes, Brebes and Cipali since 2015.

JT Gentong of calculation data, within 7 days was recorded as many as 222 277 vehicles going from West to East.

Compared to 2015, in the same comparison the number of passing vehicles less that 208 204. This means that there is a decrease of 14 073 vehicles. The vehicle is dominated by motorcycles.

JT head Gentong Arisman said, the decline in JT homecoming Gentong effect of the toll Cipali and Brebes.

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