Town Square remain a favorite tourist Bandung residents

Town Square remain a favorite tourist Bandung residents

The main square of Bandung is still a public holiday tourist destinations. Square Bandung seemed flooded with visitors.

Based on the observation Merdeka Bandung, people engrossed in playing and hanging out with family. Children joyfully playing ball in the middle of the grass field synthesis. Or adults who just sit participate thronged the square.

Located in the city center, the public chose the square because it did not have to pay the ticket. But it is fun for children.

One visitor Tia Herath (30) said she had come to the square with the children and her husband. Although cheap, but the two children seemed so excited.

“Children like to play. Play ball which is important to run-run-off. From the home bored,” says Tia.

According to the location of the square is very strategic and nice. So he was able to take pictures with the family. He said that is already often while on vacation playing in the Square Bandung.

Not only play, residents were busy taking pictures around. Even did not hesitate to spread the mat to eat lunch brought from home.

Head of Cemeteries and Parks (Diskamtam) Bandung Arief Prasetya also said Kota Bandung Square remains one of the main goals in Bandung favorite. Neither of the Bandung and outside the city.

“Yeah Bandung square is still the main destination of tourists from outside the city and citizens of the city of Bandung,” said Arief.

Until the afternoon, visitors increasingly crowded. Courtyard of the Great Mosque of Bandung which is located right in front of the Square was used by people to sit relax.

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