Traffic Congestion Solo Observed from CCTV

Traffic Congestion Solo Observed from CCTV

Installation of 35 CCTV at the traffic light in the city of Solo is expected to help unravel traffic congestion better.

Head Section of Traffic Engineering Dishubkominfo Solo, Ari Wibowo describes the addition of four new point so that in total there are 35 CCTV installed at strategic locations and points prone to congestion.

“With so already installed around 35 CCTV. Four of them are on the monument Makutha, Intersections Monument Vishnu Manahan, the intersection of three source, as well as traffic lights Sub Source, “explains Ari in Solo, Central Java.

Previously said Ari in one of these locations (deviation monument Vishnu) previously existed but cctv CCTVnya that are fixed (not rotating direction).

“Currently CCTVnya been replaced with a rotating camera and traffic light that there is cctv its all been connected to cc-room (central control room). We can control it from there, “he explained.
Monitoring the congestion already seen several locations around the roundabout Manahan Stadium Solo, also around the red light Tirtonadi of direction Nusukan, Kadipiro also jam.

Meanwhile, Chairman of Lebaran 2016 Dishubkominfo Solo, Anindito Prayogo explained that they also set up a rest area on a six-point location in the city of Solo.

Construction of six rest areas in Kerten, Simpang three Faroka (Jl Slamet Riyadi), Jurug (Jl Ir Sutami), Terminal Tirtonadi, Building Purna Yudha (Jl Adi Sucipto), and in Kadipiro and became active on Monday (6/27/2016) yesterday.

“Rest area is built at the point setrategis, and passed a lot of travelers,” he said.

Rest area will provide a portable toilet that can be used by travelers. Adding to the comfort of travelers rest area is also equipped with free wifi, free massage, and health facilities

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