Waste volume in Sleman estimated Up 10 Percent

Waste volume in Sleman estimated Up 10 Percent

The volume of waste on Eid in Sleman is expected to rise by 10 percent from usual days, about 3,300 cubic meters per day. This condition is predicted to occur because when the Eid community activities will increase.

Head of the Environment Agency (BLH) Sleman, Purwanto said the waste consists of organic and non-organic waste generated by households, as well as public facilities such as restaurants, hospitals, and places of worship. “Included in public locations such as the venue for the Eid prayer. Usually the many old newspapers,” said Purwanto, Sunday (3/7).

To anticipate the increase in waste volume, BLH has prepared various action plans. Among others still operate service of cleanliness during the Eid holiday, except on the first day of Eid, ie, Wednesday (6/7). Because on this day the janitor is also entitled to a share of the holiday feast.

The trash on the first day of Eid will be cleared the next day. There are at least 198 people janitor who will continue to operate during the Eid holidays. They consist of officers sweeper, sorting trash and garbage penganggut up to the final disposal (TPA) in Piungan, Bantul.

“Everything worked shift system,” said Purwanto. Even his schedule was already deployed. He said the janitor will work in two shifts. The first schedule will start at 05.00 each day. Then proceed with the next schedule at 14.00 until 18.00.

PJ Regional Secretary (Secretary) Sleman, Iswoyo asserted, cleaning services will continue to operate during the Eid holiday. This is done to create Sleman clean of trash. Given Eid production of waste in the community will be increased.

“In order to remain clean Sleman, BLH will remain on duty during holidays Eid,” he said.

Besides BLH, deliver the Iswoyo, various other public services also participated operated during the holiday feast later. Such as health centers and the Department of Population and Civil Registration (Disdukcapil). According to him, all officers will be working on the division schedule respectively.

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